The town rises on the top of a hill open to the four winds, with a breathtaking view in all directions: from the Amiata to the Fiora valley, from Talamone to the beaches of Montalto di Castro, from the Argentario to the Islands of Giglio and Montecristo. It is a mysterious and enchanted spot. It’s not by accident that it is remembered with the saying, “Manciano delle streghe, dove si va si vede”, “Manciano, home of witches, wherever you look, you see them”. It was settled in prehistoric times as demonstrated by the archeological findings near Saturnia, Marsiliana and Poggio Murella. It was ruled in the 12th century by the Aldobrandeschi family and then later by the Orsini Counts from Rome. However, its geographical postion and solid walls didn’t prevent its being conquered in 1461 by the Sienese Repubblic which then built a fortress overlooking the vast panorama. The area of Manciano is considered one of the most irresistible in the Maremma. Visting is made easy by a network of roads and paths for walking, trekking, mountain-biking or horseback riding. Montemerano is close to Manciano and is well worth a stop. It is an authentic Medieval gem, built on a hill covered in age-old olive trees. Another spot of interest is Saturnia, considered by some to be the craddle of Italian civilization, with an Etruscan, Roman and Medieval past. However, even more than its history, it is known for its hot sulfur springs, which gush forth all year at a temperature of 37.5°. (