"Nell'incantevole scenario della Maremma Toscana ...."

a due passi dalle Terme di Saturnia e dall'affascinante paesino di Montemerano


The Villa Pensiero Farm Holiday offers its guests some lovely apartments each with their own entrance to guarantee total privacy and independence. These comfortable, well-furnished apartments have a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a range of other comforts for guests to relax and enjoy an unforgettable holiday, discovering the true spirit of the Maremma, embraced by the warm welcome they receive and their desire to fully experience living in touch with nature and learning and appreciating all the produce the land offers.

Terme di Saturnia

The Terme di Saturnia Spa is one of the most famous and sought after spas in Italy, situated at the entrance to the small town of Saturnia, and a point of pride for the Maremma. The elegant structure collects the sulphuric waters that spring forth at 37.5°C, and guests can benefit from their famous medicinal properties, which are very effective in treating a number of disorders and for relaxing and beauty treatments.
The Villa Pensiero Farm Tourism is just a few minutes from the Terme di Saturnia Spa, meaning guests can spend a pleasantly relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, appreciating the amazing properties offered by these special waters, for a totally unique and enjoyable experience.

The Olive Mill

The Villa Pensiero Farm Holiday has its own olive mill where they produce excellent oil, which our guests are able to taste and discover in all its distinctive features. Oil is one of the symbol products of the Tuscany Maremma where the Farm Holiday stands.

Consequently our guests are able to discover and appreciate all the local produce, and understand the interesting and fascinating facts of how the olives are harvested and the oil then produced.